I get home. I pull out the container of hummus I bought yesterday and a bag of corn chips. I am good. I am happy. I am eating hummus. I love hummus.

Euwwh. This does not taste right. I put on my thickest pair of reading eye glasses. Maybe I bought some out of date food. Nope.

I did not realize the label read MADE WITH WHITE BEANS AND HERBES DE PROVENCE under the big HUMMUS word. I like hummus. I do not like mushed white beans with herbes de provence. What is herbes de provence? It did not make the mushed white beans taste good.

I looked up the word HUMMUS on my phone. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app is one of my favorite apps. Best $20 dollars I have ever spent. I love my Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.


a type of food, originally from the Middle East, that is a soft mixture of chickpeas, sesame seeds, oil, lemon juice and garlic

My neighborhood garbage is picked up tomorrow. Nice timing. I will file these mushed white beans with herbes de provence under G. Why? Because I think the food I eat should taste good.


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